The premium catheter flushing and locking solution offering both patency and infection control

Provides Broad-Spectrum Activity effective against gram positive & gram-negative bacteria and fungi associated with catheter-related infections

Prevents and Eradicates Biofilm eliminates protected microbial colonization of catheters effectively reducing the risk of catheter-related infection

Effective Anticoagulant promotes catheter patency; avoids systemic anticoagulation associated with heparin

Favorable Safety Profile non-toxic; no topical or systemic effects are known

No Development of Resistance does not induce development of drug-resistant bacterial strains


Advanced Technology for Companion Pets

SUB™ 3.0
a Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System

SUB™ 2.0
a Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System

SUB™ Flush Kit
for Preventing Occlusion & Biofilm Formation in the SUB System

Catheter Flushing & Locking Solution for Patency & Infection Control

a Vascular Access Port for Companion Pets

for Intracavitary Drainage

PleuralPort™ Drainage Kit
for draining the PleuralPort System

for Canine Incontinence

for pets with IHPSS

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