The Improved Therapeutic Option for Dogs & Cats to Bypass Ureteral Obstructions

The Subcutaneous Ureteral Bypass (SUB™) device is a unique system designed for use in veterinary patients; dogs and cats. The device consists of two (2) locking loop pigtail catheters; one is placed in the kidney and one is placed in the bladder, and a titanium Shunting SwirlPort™. The SUB™ is packaged as a sterile kit, complete with several components (listed below) and instructions for use for your convenience.

The SUB is packaged as a sterile kit with surgical suggestions and instructions for use. A complete surgical video and SUB nephrostomy placement video that compliments the printed instruction guide are available on YouTube:

Complete SUB Surgery

Nephrostomy tube placement

SwirlPort Shunting Access Port, 2 x Locking Loop Catheters (1 for kidney, 1 for bladder), .035” J-Tip Guidewire, 2 x Posi-grip Huber Point Needles, RA Huber Needle Infusion Set, IV Catheter, Accessories

NOT INCLUDED in the kit –Optional Extras
Sterile cyanoacrylate tissue glue


Advanced Technology for Companion Pets

SUB™ 3.0
a Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System

SUB™ 2.0
a Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System

SUB™ Flush Kit
for Preventing Occlusion & Biofilm Formation in the SUB System

Catheter Flushing & Locking Solution for Patency & Infection Control

a Vascular Access Port for Companion Pets

for Intracavitary Drainage

PleuralPort™ Drainage Kit
for draining the PleuralPort System

for Canine Incontinence

for pets with IHPSS

Needles & Accessories

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