Designed to access the pleural cavity for drainage of pleural effusions or delivery of intracavitary infusions

The PleuralPort™, a subcutaneous vascular access port, is designed for veterinary patients, to provide a more comfortable way of gaining repeated access to their pleural cavity for both the delivery of medications (including fluids) and withdrawal of pleural effusions.

Available in 2 sizes, Le Grande for dogs – PP-102K, and Le Port for cats – PP-202K, it is placed during a short surgical procedure. Using a PleuralPort eliminates the need for repeated entry into the pleural space for each treatment and avoids the problems created by an exit site wound. With the PleuralPort, drainage is more efficient and more comfortable for the patient. Access to the pleural cavity is by penetration of the port septum with a specially designed non-coring needle – the Huber point needle. Benefits of the PleuralPort include its subcutaneous location and more efficient fluid drainage

Components of the PleuralPort Kit

Access Port
Positioned subcutaneously and connected to the drainage catheter, the port chamber is covered by a rigid silicone ‘window’ or septum and serves as the point of entry for intracavitary access. – allows percutaneously controlled infusion into or withdrawal from the pleural cavity

Available to suit all sizes of canine and feline patients – is low profile, light weight, biocompatible shape & material

Drainage Catheter
Rounded tip, radiopaque silicone catheter with fenestrations/drainage holes available in two catheter sizes – provides entry into the pleural space

NOT INCLUDED in the kitOptional Extras
PleuralPort™ Drainage Kit
T-FloLoc™ Flushing/Locking Solution


Advanced Technology for Companion Pets

SUB™ 3.0
a Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System

SUB™ 2.0
a Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System

SUB™ Flush Kit
for Preventing Occlusion & Biofilm Formation in the SUB System

Catheter Flushing & Locking Solution for Patency & Infection Control

a Vascular Access Port for Companion Pets

for Intracavitary Drainage

PleuralPort™ Drainage Kit
for draining the PleuralPort System

for Canine Incontinence

for pets with IHPSS

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