Controlled, gradual, and complete venous occlusion using a percutaneously controlled the Hepatic Shunt Occluder System

The Hepatic Shunt Occluder (HSO™) Port System is designed to produce gradual and complete occlusion of Congenital Portosystemic Shunts (IHPSS) that is percutaneously controlled through an access port.  The occlusion is easily reversed if postoperative portal hypertension occurs.

The HSO-Port System consists of an inflatable silicone cuff that is placed around the vessel and the ring closed by placing sutures through the holes molded at each end of the cuff.  Inflation of the occluder is controlled percutaneously through injections of fluid into the subcutaneous injection port that is attached to the occluder by the actuating tubing.

Occlusion is not mediated by inflammation, but by physical compression of the vessel.  The degree of occlusion may be incrementally controlled percutaneously over time by a biocompatible solution of sufficient density.

A solution for controlled, gradual and complete venous occlusion of portosystemic shunts.


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