Providing chronic vascular access in veterinary patients

The CompanionPort™,  a subcutaneous vascular access port, is designed for veterinary patients, to provide a more comfortable way of gaining repeated access to their venous system for both the delivery of medications (including fluids) and blood draws for a variety of disorders.

Available in 3 sizes, Le Grande, Le Port and Le Petite, it is surgically placed between the scapula during a short surgical procedure. Using a CompanionPort eliminates the need for finding a ‘good’ vein for each treatment and avoids the problems created by an exit site wound.  Access to the venous system is by penetration of the port septum with a specially designed non-coring needle – the Huber.

Components of the CompanionPort Kit
The system has 2 components: a titanium access port and a round tip radiopaque silicone catheter with depth markings.

Access Port
Positioned subcutaneously at the back of the neck and connected to the venous catheter, the port chamber is covered by a rigid silicone ‘window’ or septum and serves as the point of entry for vascular access – allows percutaneously controlled infusion into or withdrawal from the venous system

Available in three sizes to suit all sizes of patients – is low profile, light weight, biocompatible shape & material

Venous Catheter
Rounded tip, radiopaque silicone catheter with depth markings in a range of French sizes/gauges – provides entry into the venous system

CompanionPort Kit Contents

  • 1 x CompanionPort, with blue boot specify port size – small, medium or large
  • 1 x Silicone catheter french size to suit port size
  • 2 x 22 gauge Huber point needles to access the CompanionPort
  • 1 x 22 gauge Huber infusion set to access the CompanionPort
  • 1 x Peel-Away Catheter Introducer to suit catheter french size
  • Surgical Suggestions
  • Accessing & Maintenance Guide
  • Information for Pet Owners


Advanced Technology for Companion Pets

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Needles & Accessories

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