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skinbutton in situAbout the size of a penny, the SkinButton provides safe, simple and stress free chronic access to the subcutaneous tissue to efficiently manage patients needing subcutaneous hydration, HypoDermoClysis.




Features Benefits Advantages
small, the size of a penny inconspicious cosmetically attractive
light weight & low profile comfortable unobtrusive
blunt needle access avoids needle sticks perfect for needle phobic owner
uncomplicated surgery short procedure requires only a local anesthesia
self sealing septum closed exit site limits infection

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  • Accessories
  • Sizes
  • Indications For Use
  • Features & Benefits

The SkinButton System includes the :
- a round silicone disk with a self sealing center
- a 6mm demal punch
- blunt accessing needle
- client kit of 5 accesing needles

- surgical and accessing suggestions

Additional accessing needles are available in boxes of 30 or 5

The Skinbutton is available in one size and suitable for use in all sizes of dogs and cats


Indications for using the SkinButton include:

• Chronic subcutaneous fluid delivery

• Avoidance of needle sticks

• Minimize owner and patient anxiety

- avoids needle sticks
- reduces owner and pet anxiety
- eliminates patient anxiety