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Press Releases - New Technologies

pdf icon The Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System now available world-wide - SUB System

SUB systemThe launch of a new indwelling device, the subcutaneous ureteral Bypass System (SUB System) uses the combination of a locking-loop nephrostomy catheter, cystostomy catheter and access port to allow urinary diversion for feline and canine ureteral obstructions. The SUB device can be flushed and sampled to ensure patency, sample urine and used to perform a contrast ureteropyelogram. The SUB, pioneered by Drs. Allyson Berent and Chick Weisse, is used for ureteral strictures, ureterolithiasis and neoplastic-induced ureteral obstructions.

pdf icon The Artificial Urethral Sphincter Port System - AUS System

AUS and portThe AUS System, a hydraulic occluder device, is used to control incontinence associated with ovariohysterectomy and primary urethral sphincter incontinence. Because the obstruction to urinary flow by the AUS hydraulic occluder is mechanical and therefore static, the effect will last as long as the occluder is in place. The technique offers long-term control of incontinence with a single procedure. No medical management is necessary.


Pioneered by Dr. Chris Adin, the AUS offers a new and successful option for the control of urinary incontinence.aus in situ Hydraulic urethral occlusion by the AUS occluder system employs a silicone cuff placed around the proximal urethra. The cuff is filled with variable amounts of saline to provide mechanical obstruction to urine flow through the urethra. The amount of saline in the cuff , and the degree of resistance to flow, is adjusted using the subcutaneous CompanionPort, the injection site, that is placed on the inner thigh.