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Corporate History

Our history began in 1981 when our parent company, Norfolk Medical Products, was incorporated in the state of Illinois, and pioneered the field of Vascular Access Ports
(V-A-P) for use in human medicine for the delivery of chemotherapy.

During the FDA approval process, the vascular access port was evaluated by a number of pioneering veterinarians for use in pre-clinical and clinical veterinary medicine.

Today, we are a global company, ISO certified and FDA registered.

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All of our products are manufactured in our 11,000 square foot facility in the U.S.A.


Our partnerships with veterinarians in both private practice and at Universities has allowed has to develop 'human' quality devices to meet the needs of today's veterinarians. Veterinary medicine is advancing long with human medicine, with many of the advanced technologies now available for pets. we are proud to be part of the part we have played bring advanced technologies to veterinary medicine.

We have the expertise and capability to modify many of our existing products or design specific products to meet your needs. we will work with you to develop new and innovative infusion products from concept to creation.

We invite you to Contact Us if you have a need for a custom product.