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The CompanionPort, a Vascular Access Port for Companion Pets

The CompanionPort, is a drug delivery depot, that is placed under the skin during a short surgical procedure. It is identical to vascular access ports used by human oncologists for their human chemotherapy patients. Once placed all that is visible is a 'bump' under the skin. There is no exit site and no part of the CompanionPort is exposed.

The CompanionPort, prevents the poking, prodding and potential failed attempts at finding a peripheral vein, that can be as painful for veterinary patients as it is for human patients. No one, pets included, likes getting 'stuck' with a needle.

The CompanionPort, provides compassionate, safe and reliable access to the central venous system for long-term therapies such as:


*The 4 French catheter PROVIDED in the CP100K KIT is NOT RADIO-OPAQUE

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  • About the CompanionPort
  • Sizes
  • Indications for Use
  • Kit Contents

CompanionPorts are subcutaneously placed drug delivery depots, perfect for patients requiring repeated access to their vascular system for the delivery of medications & fluids or for repeated blood testing. The CompanionPort is accessed percutaneously with a Huber point needle. Visit our Huber Needles page to learn more.

*The 4 French catheter PROVIDED in the CP100K KIT is NOT RADIO-OPAQUE

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The infusion pathway is through the Huber point needle inserted into the port septum, into the port chamber and out through the catheter into the vascular system as seen in the diagram. During blood withdrawal, the pathway is reversed.



Once surgically placed during a short and relatvely simple surgical procedure in the back of the patients' neck, all that is seen is a 'bump' under the skin. mistyIt provides a more comfortable way of treating those requiring repeated access to the venous system.

There is no exit site and no part of the CompanionPort is exposed.

CompanionPorts are packaged in kits that include surgical, accessing and maintenance instructions as well as information for the pet owner.

Available in 3 sizes, the CompanionPort is designed for repeated entry into the vascular system or body cavity for drug delivery or withdrawal of blood for sampling or donation in all sizes of companion pets. The CompanionPort must be accessed with a Huber point, non-coring needle using aseptic technique.


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Le Petite with a 4 French catheter is the size of a dime, and the choice for ferrets and small cats

Le Port with a 5 French catheter is the size of a nickle, and the choice for cats and small dogs

Le Grande with a 7 French catheter is the size of a quarter, and the choice for larger dogs


For convenience, all CompanionPorts are packaged in a kit the contents of which include;

1 x CompanionPort with Blue Boot Connector
1 x Silicone/Silastic catheter, with a round tip & depth markings
1 x Peel-Away catheter introducer
2 x 22 Gauge straight Huber point needles (PG series)
1 x 22 Gauge right angle Huber infusion set (RA series)
Surgical Suggestions
Information for Pet Owners

Indications for use of a CompanionPort
• chemotherapy treatment - especially for the delivery of cytotoxic drugs
• radiation therapy - avoids repeated sedation
• long-term drug therapy - eg. antibiotics therapy
• chronic renal insufficiency - long-term IV infusion access
• long-term seizure management
• total parenteral nutrition
• diabetic patients - useful for frequent blood testing
• polycythemic patients - useful for frequent bleeding
• blood donation from donor animals

To improve the "Quality of Life" when long-term venous access is required

Benefits of the CompanionPort
• minimizes extravasation making it safer than an external catheter or needle
• avoids damaging peripheral vessels, leaving them intact for future use
• reduces the stress of the veterinary personnel in finding a ‘good’ vein
• dramatically reduces the number of ‘pokes’ the patient receives
• reduces the time taken to deliver the therapy
• has benefited human oncology patients for over 25 years

Compassionate Care & Cutting Edge Technology

Advantages of the CompanionPort
• reduces the risk of premature discontinuation of treatment
• unobtrusive yet easy to find under the skin by palpation
• almost painless & non-traumatic to access
• causes no discomfort to the patient
• unobtrusive, all that is noticed is a small bump under the skin
• requires minimal maintenance that is done on a 3-4 weekly basis
• placed subcutaneously behind the neck during a short & uncomplicated procedure
• reduces infectious episodes due to the subcutaneous location
• proven to be safe & efficacious in numerous human clinical trials

Cost Effective, Safe, Practical


Catalog No. Name Use In Kit Description
CP100K Le Petite Ferrets
Small Cats
Small Titanium ClearPort
4 Fr./18Ga. Round Tip Silicone Catheter
4 Fr. Peel-Away Catheter Introducer
2 x 22Ga. Huber Point Needles (PG22-75)
1 x 22Ga. Huber Infusion Set (RA22-75-6
CP202K Le Port Cats
Small Dogs
Medium Titanium ClearPort
5 Fr./16Ga. Round Tip Silicone Catheter
5 Fr. Peel-Away Catheter Introducer
2 x 22Ga. Huber Point Needles (PG22-75)
1 x 22Ga. Huber Infusion Set (RA22-75-6)
CP305K Le Grande Dogs Large Titanium ClearPort
7 Fr./13Ga. Round Tip Silicone Catheter
7 Fr. Peel-Away Catheter Introducer
2 x 22Ga. Huber Point Needles (PG22-75)
1 x 22Ga. Huber Infus
ion Set (RA22-75-6)

• Surgical suggestions, accessing & maintenance instructions are included in all kits
• General product information for pet owners is included in each kit