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The Artificial Uretheral Shpincter Port System is designed for companion pets, dogs and cats, for the long-term relief of sphincter mechanism incontinence that is unresponsive to medical management.

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The AUS-Port System uses a silicone hydraulic uretheral cuff that is placed around the proximal urethra and filled with variable amount of saline to provide mechanical obstruction to urine flow through the urethra. The degree of resistance to flow is adjusted using the CompanionPort that is subcutaneously placed on the inner thigh. A Huber point needle must always be used when accessing the CompanionPort.


The AUS-Port System is packaged as a sterile kit complete with surgical and instructions for use suggestions.

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  • About the AUS-Port
  • Sizes
  • Indications For Use
  • Features & Benefits

The AUS-Port System consists of 2 components: A PORT AND AN OCCLUDER

Once surgical placed around the proximal urethra, the silicone cuff/occluder is filled subcutaneously through the access port to provide mechanical obstruction to urine flow through the urethra. The degree of resistance to flow is easily adjusted postoperatively through the subcutaneous access port using a non-coring Huber point needle. The lack of an exit site minimizes the opportunity for infection.PORT FOR AUS

- a titanium access port
- a silicone AUS occluder catheter that attaches to the access port.



1 x CompanionPort - choose the appropriate size
1 x AUS Occluder Catheter - choose the appropriate size
2 x 22 Gauge Huber needles
1 x Huber Right Angle Infusion Set

Choose the appropriate CompanionPort size
Le Petite for ferrets and small cats
Le Port for cats and small dogs
Le Grande for large dogs

Choose the appropriate AUS Occluder Cuff Width
For Feline Patients - suggested cuff width of 11mm
For Canine Patients - suggested cuff width of 14mm

Choose the appropriateOccluder Lumen Diameter
4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16mm

Guide for AUS size selection based on weight of female dogs
AUS Size 6x11mm 8x14mm 10x14mm 12x14mm
Weight 3-6kg 10-20kg 20-30kg 25-40kg

To choose the correct lumen diameter, measure the diameter of the urethra using ultrasound. The AUS occluder catheter should fit loosly at first - if the urethra measures 7mm in diameter, use an occluder with a diameter of 8mm.


Indications for using the AUS-Port System include:

• Uretheral sphincter mechanism incompetence following ovariohysterectomy

• Uretheral sphincter dysfunction following ureteral ectopia

• Uretheral sphincter dysfunction following ureteral reconstruction

Access CompanionPort - available in 3 sizes
is positioned subcutaneously on the inner thigh and there is no exit site
- connected to the occluder catheter to control the degree of resistance to flow

Occluder Catheter
a customized silicone hydraulic occluder
- available in 2 cuff widths & various lumen diameters to suit all patient sizes
side entry actuating tubing
- lies parallel to the urethra allowing for easier implantation